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Welcome to SKIP!

Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs

SKIP stands for Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs. Our School Visitation program brings together students of all ages with nursing/retirement home seniors. Whether you’re a public school educator, a nursing home manager or an interested volunteer, we encourage your participation! Please contact us with your questions, suggestions and requests. Together we can build a strong program and bridge the gap between young and old.

SKIP Seniors & Kids Intergenerational Programs
Intergenerational Programs

“They just become these polite gentle souls that just want to chat with them and want to put a smile on their face and want to get to know them. It’s really rewarding to see that.”

Nicole Miedema — Teacher Agnes Hodge School — Brantford

SKIP Teacher
SKIP Teacher

“I have social anxiety and it’s difficult for me to talk to others but it really made me feel comfortable to talk to someone who shared the same interests.”

Macy — Student — Agnes Hodge School — Brantford

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