ARTC and SKIP work together for intergenerational success!

SKIP has found a new and like-minded community partner to deliver on our commitment to age-friendly communities through our intergenerational programs.

The Adult Recreation Therapy Centre (ARTC) is a facility in Brantford offering community-based adult day programs. The structured activities are geared towards individuals affected by conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS, and other progressive disorders. ARTC also provides programs for for adults with diminished abilities related to mild cognitive impairment related to early dementia.

Lukas Newhouse, Recreation Therapist at ARTC says that SKIP and ARTC are a great match. 

“The Adult Recreation Therapy Centre has now hosted two SKIP classes and are excited to continue hosting more in the coming school year. Clients of the centre look forward to spending time with kids, and the mutual benefit is apparent every time they meet.”

Newhouse sees tremendous benefit in SKIP visitations and believes the program compliments ARTC and it’s clients.

“Clients of ARTC are given the opportunity pass their knowledge and experiences down to the younger generation, while the students are able to impart their youthful energy and ideas onto the older generation. ARTC is sincerely grateful to SKIP for the wonderful opportunities thus far and look forward to years to come!”

Find out more about ARTC on the ARTC Facebook page or Adult Recreation Therapy Centre website.



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