Brantford BURST 2019 Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-07T19:56:10-04:00

Brantford BURST 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Brantford BURST 2019 is the third event of it’s kind in Brantford/Brant! Interest in this event has been high and we look forward to an amazing day. Thanks to our incredible sponsors and a receptive community for the outstanding support.

We are working hard to deliver a successful and organized colour fun run. This FAQ page is the result of comprehensive planning but we expect that there may be changes as our event evolves. We encourage you to revisit this page for the latest information and updates prior to our event on September 8th, 2019.

What is included with my registration?2019-02-27T23:19:26-04:00

Each Brantford BURST  registered runner will receive a custom race t-shirt, sunglasses and identity package.

All runners will be emailed about 10 days prior to the race with a reminder to pick-up their Brantford BURST Colour Fun Run Kit.

How do I get my Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run Kit?2019-02-27T23:13:22-04:00

You must pick-up your Brantford BURST 2018 Colour Fun Run Kit on the Saturday before event day between 2 and 4 p.m. at the Brantford & District Civic Centre. You must present your ticket displaying your QR code to pick up your kit. The pick-up will take place in the auditorium beside the arena.

Can someone else pick up my Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run Kit for me?2019-02-27T23:19:37-04:00

Yes!  As long as they can show us the printed ticket displaying your QR code, you’re good to go.

How old do you have to be to participate?2018-03-29T19:16:31-04:00

As an organization promoting intergenerational programming, our goal is to rally a diverse group of ages and capabilities. We even have a designated viewing area so that seniors from our partnering senior care facilities will be able to watch our colour fun run and share in the excitement and joy of the day.

We offer a child/student ticket as well as an adult ticket. Kids under 5 are free but will not receive a Brantford BURST 2018 Colour Fun Run Kit.

Is Brantford BURST 2019 a charitable event?2019-02-27T23:13:43-04:00

Brantford BURST 2018 is in support of SKIP, Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs. SKIP is a registered non-profit organization.

School Visitation is the cornerstone of our intergenerational programming. Through class trips to senior care facilities, students learn valuable life skills and gain understanding and compassion for seniors. Seniors appreciate the companionship and share their stories of life. Together they learn from each other and form unique and rewarding friendships. SKIP is an important learning vehicle for young students and instils caring, compassion, understanding and respect for the elderly. Nursing Home Managers report that SKIP visits put a smile on the face of residents and gives them purpose, fellowship and activity.

Do you allow strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs? Can I run with a jogging stroller and my kids?2019-02-27T23:19:49-04:00

Yes, strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs can participate but be warned that some terrain may be rough. Kids under 5 free but will not receive a Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run Kit.

Can I bring a pet?2019-02-27T23:20:29-04:00

For the safety of our participant and our animal friends, we do not allow animals at the pre and post run event or the Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun course unless they’re guide dogs.

Can I bring my scooter or bike?2017-05-07T23:55:36-04:00

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, the only wheels we allow at our events are prams and wheelchairs. 

Are there washroom facilities at the event?   2019-02-27T23:20:54-04:00

We have access to the washrooms at Earl Haig Family Fun Park anytime during the event on Sunday, September 8th.

Am I allowed to walk, instead of run?2019-02-27T23:21:11-04:00

Absolutely! We respectfully request that all walkers line up at the rear of the start line so that they do not block faster runners.

Can I purchase a registration as a gift?2019-02-27T23:21:35-04:00

Of course!

In addition to providing the name of the ticket purchaser, you will also be asked to provide the name(s) of the Brantford BURST 2019 participants and the t-shirt sizes they require. Just email your confirmation to the recipient of your choice.

Start line etiquette2019-02-27T23:22:15-04:00

Arrive early. Please allow for extra time to park and get to your place on the start line. Kilometre signs will be posted along the right hand side of the course. The start chute is located at the centre parking lot at Earl Haig Family Fun Park. Please line up behind the starting line with walkers, strollers and wheelchairs at the back of the pack.

While we expect the majority of our participants to be running for fun, we encourage standard running protocol for safety and respect.

It’s a good ideas for faster runners to let slower runners know that they are passing. Just say, “passing on your left” or “passing on the right” as you move by slower groups.  If you need to stop running, just pull over to the side of the course so that others can avoid you.

Cones, Barricades, Course Marshals2017-05-07T23:53:09-04:00

The route is marked along the way. Runners must stay within the runner’s lane along the route. Always follow directions of the volunteer course marshals. 

Is Brantford BURST 2019 timed?2019-02-27T23:22:44-04:00

The Brantford BURST 2019 5k+ Colour Fun Run is not a timed event. Due to the fun nature of this event, speed is not a factor. We expect people of all ages and capabilities. We  recommend self-timing for anyone that needs to know their run time.

How does the Start Chute work?2019-02-27T23:22:54-04:00

The start chute will open 10 minutes before the run commences. We will start runners in waves of approx. 30-45 people every few minutes. We recommend that serious runners come early and start at the front of the first packs.

Is there a baggage check in?2017-05-07T23:51:34-04:00

No, we’d like you to bring friends along to cheer you on!  That way they can keep your belongings, support you and enjoy the day!

Is water supplied? 2017-05-07T23:51:20-04:00

We encourage all participants to bring a bottle of water with them to keep hydrated. There will be fill up points along the route. 

How do we get covered in colour?2017-05-07T23:51:03-04:00

Colour stations along the course are manned by smiling volunteers with one goal… to immerse you in a cloud of colourful powder!

Is the Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run safe?2019-02-27T23:23:34-04:00

The colour powder we use is certified non-toxic. Our bright colours are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and dyes. As with any foreign substance, you’ll want to keep the powder out of your eyes. Our volunteer colour blasters have been instructed to aim low as you pass by.  Your Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run Kit includes glasses as basic eye protection but you may choose to augment with goggles or use a bandana or dust mask for your mouth.

Will the colour ruin clothes or running shoes?2019-02-27T23:24:07-04:00

The colour should wash out after the event but we cannot guarantee that for everyone clothing or footwear item. Your Brantford BURST 2019 Colour Fun Run Kit includes a keepsake t-shirt that we expect you’ll get dirty but we strongly recommend wearing pants and shoes that are “expendable.”

Will the colour stain my hair?2017-05-07T23:49:44-04:00

The coloured powder does generally wash out of your hair, however we do recommend you take precautions if you’re concerned. The colour has a tendency to stick to lighter hair colours. Oiling your hair before the event may help. Bi-carb soda and anti dandruff shampoo is recommended for especially stubborn colour.

Will the colour affect the inside of my car?2017-05-07T23:49:18-04:00

We suggest that you bring some towels to protect your seats. A change of clothes would be a better solution but you’ll need to change.

Can spectators attend the Brantford BURST 2019 post-race?  2019-02-27T23:25:14-04:00

Absolutely.  We will have The Colour Run powder packets available first come/first serve for everyone to purchase at the race kit pick up and run day.  You may want to warn them though… they ain’t coming out of The Colour Run party clean!

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the Brantford BURST 2019 colour zones?2019-02-27T23:25:24-04:00

Powder particles are small and potentially damaging to electronics. You can use your camera at your own risk but we suggest that you shoot from a distance and be very careful about bringing phones and cameras on the course. Placing your electronic devices in a plastic bag would be a good idea but be forewarned. We cannot be held responsible for damages.

Are tickets refundable?  2017-05-07T23:48:09-04:00

If an event is held as advertised, we cannot issue refunds.  The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible.  Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.  If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, at least come to the Check-In Party, pick up your gear, and say hi to us!

Can I transfer my registration to another person?2017-05-07T23:47:54-04:00

Registrations are non-transferable.

What happens if there is bad weather?2019-02-27T23:25:36-04:00

A little rain won’t stop Brantford BURST 2019! If there are major weather warnings in Brantford during the weekend of the event, check the SKIP website for updates.