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SKIP School Visitation Program

School Visitation is the cornerstone of our intergenerational programming.

We bring together junior elementary school students and nursing home seniors for the benefit of each. Through class trips to senior care facilities, students learn valuable life skills and gain understanding and compassion for seniors. Seniors appreciate the companionship and share their stories of life. Together they learn from each other and form unique and rewarding friendships.

The SKIP School Visitation Program is incredibly successful.

We have so many interested schools in our that we sometimes struggle to find enough willing senior care facilities to meet the growing demand. Teachers across our region participate year after year as they find new and powerful ways to incorporate SKIP into their curriculum.

The role of SKIP is to act as a liaison between participating schools and the destination nursing facilities. We coordinate SKIP visits, help guide teachers and nursing care staff and encourage intergenerational programing in our area and beyond.


Our SKIP School Visitation Program has been steadily building support and receiving accolades and encouragement from the schools and nursing facilities that participate. We have also received hundreds of inquiries from educators, parents and community members from across North America and around the world. In response, we are working on a comprehensive package that will guide like-minded groups through the process of setting up a SKIP program in their area. The training program is called SKIP-IN-A-BOX and we hope to have it completed sometime this year. 

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SKIP is an important learning vehicle for young students and instills caring, compassion, understanding and respect for the elderly. Nursing Home Managers report that SKIP visits put a smile on the face of residents and gives them purpose, fellowship and activity.