SKIP is about to BURST!

by Aminah Syed

Brantford is about to BURST…AGAIN!!! On September 9th 2018, get ready for SKIP’s 2nd annual color run; Brantford Burst 2018. What’s a better way to spend Grandparents’ Day than to bring them along in an explosion of color and fun? This 5K+ run supports a safe, age-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy the scenic route by Grand River while being immersed in vibrant clouds of color. The Burst is extremely crucial and representative of SKIP’s mission to partner with community agencies and businesses to instill intergenerational awareness into the fabric of Brant and beyond. Currently SKIP’s mission is supported by a number of businesses, including BScene, Brant Window World, Cash & Carry, Tim Hortons, Grand Erie District School Board and Charlotte Villa just to name a few.

Brantford Burst is run by volunteers and supported by sponsors. As a student at Laurier Brantford I can proudly say that I was able to gain valuable hands-on experience due to Laurier’s connection with SKIP. Ever since Laurier came to Brantford, SKIP has been a support for the BSW (Social Work) faculty and YLOB (Youth Leaders on Board). I had the opportunity to sit on the SKIP committee as an intern through YLOB. This experience prepared me for my current work placement where I have to attend meetings and be able to discuss issues and propose solutions.  SKIP has also been pivotal in broadening my perspective regarding bridging the gap between the old and young. I never realized the importance of doing so until I went on visits to nursing homes with students from different grades. I watched students interact with residents and it was heartwarming to see how eagerly and empathetically they bonded with each other.

With Brantford Burst quickly approaching, SKIP has extended an open invitation to community agencies and businesses that contribute to building an age-friendly environment to join in by supporting the color run in addressing a healthy lifestyle. A range of sponsorship packages are available to choose from and the importance and benefits of doing so are massive. Having volunteered with SKIP I witnessed first-hand, how these programs change lives. Being a part of such a great cause is bound to benefit participants in many ways.  SKIP is also actively recruiting volunteers for the color run. Approximately 100 volunteers are needed to successfully run this year’s event.

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Thank you in advance to all sponsors, volunteers and participants. Excited to see everyone when Brantford bursts with color!!!


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