SKIP Makes Friends At Maker Day

2018 Maker Day was an opportunity for families to explore their creative side with crafts, activities and technology. The unique event was a partnership initiative between three local community associations and Brantford Parks & Recreation that promised friends, discoveries and fun.

SKIP was invited to participate in the event that came to Holmedale, Eagle Place and Echo Place in March and April. Board Member Colleen V. Goupil represented Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs as an exhibitor.

“Maker Day was a wonderful initiative designed to engage these three local neighbourhoods with crafts, games, and technology. SKIP was invited to introduce our organization to the families that attended and participate in the variety of activities.”

Maker Day fun included Stickbots, Ozobots, 3D printing, circuit boards and lego.

A partnership between the Holmedale Neighbourhood Association, Eagle Place Community Association. East Ward Echo Place Neighbourhood Association and Brantford Parks And Recreation, 2018 Maker Day provided hands-on action and a chance for families to learn about exhibitors including SKIP.

“Our finger knitting activity was a huge success! I was busy with children, ages 4 through 13, showing each how to finger knit either a butterfly, a snake, or a bug. I also chatted with parents about SKIP and our programs.”

Goupil was on hand for two of the three Maker Day events, April 7th in Eagle Place and April 21st in Echo Place. 2018 Maker Day included a vote for an activity that residents wanted to see happen in their neighbourhood.

“I found time to encourage the children to cast their vote. Every time a child or parent voted, I gave them a draw ticket. The prizes were small plush animals or large bubble wands.”

Originated and based in Brantford, Ontario, SKIP’s mission is to build age-friendly communities by connecting young people and seniors. Events like 2018 Maker Day are great opportunities to reach out to like-minded residents in the communities where they live.

“Our booth and activities were well received and generated smiles and conversation. I look forward to next year’s Maker Day. A special thank you to Maegen Rutten from Brantford Parks And Recreation for all her hard work!”


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