SKIP Warms the Heart

Students and Seniors continued to connect at various retirement facilities in Paris and Brantford during the months of February and March. The themes of Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day provided the focus for SKIP visits (Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs) including activities such as card making, colouring, number and card games, and more! As the spring months and warmer weather arrive, students will continue to walk or ride with their classes and teachers, and provide much anticipated happy times and companionship with their senior friends as they share and interact with one another.

Student and Senior SKIP Ambassadors are encouraged, through writing or talking, to provide feedback about their visits together and express their feelings about the significance of the SKIP program. Here is what they had to say:

“The residents are very happy when the students come to visit. I look forward to seeing the kids use their imagination with their creations. I like to share my past with them as they share the present.” by Wilma, a SKIP Ambassador resident at Riverview Terrace and author of ‘Storms and Rainbows.’

“We love the visits with the kids. They bring people together and it makes us feel better. We talk and talk about what we did after the kids go back to school too.” by Shirley, a SKIP Ambassador resident at Park Lane Terrace.

“The China, Finland, USA and Canada Olympics games were fun. I hope we can do another activity like this again!” by Madison, a gr. 5 SKIP Ambassador at Paris Central School who visits Park Lane Terrace.

“We learn new things about each other at each visit. We start conversations that are interesting, and we can compare with each other and realize the things we have in common.” by Emma, a gr. 5 SKIP Ambassador at Paris Central School.

“We coloured Valentine and St. Patrick’s Day pictures together and we got cookies and a drink. We sang songs together and laughed.” by Layla, a gr. 2 SKIP Ambassador at Central School who visits Charlotte Villa.

“We drew pictures and learned sign language together.” by Jordan, a gr. 2 SKIP Ambassador at Central School.

“This was the best visit because everyone was engaged in sharing poetry with one another. Kurt explained Crazy Eights to us and he was very good at it!” by Lauren, a gr. 6 SKIP Ambassador at Northward School who visits Telfer Place.

“I like how we mix up the activities to keep the visits exciting for the kids and residents.” by Braydon, a gr. 6 SKIP Ambassador at Northward School who visits Telfer Place.

“During this visit, I sat with Sarah. She was super sweet and so kind. She said she loves when we visit because it makes everyone happy there, and that makes me happy too!” by Ava, a gr. 5 SKIP Ambassador at Cobblestone School who visits Queensview Retirement Community.

“When we visit it makes them feel good because they don’t get many visitors, and they get gifts from us.” by Matthew and Elle, gr. 2 students at Christ The King School who visit Riverview Terrace.

“Eda and I really click because we are both Italian and we can talk about things in Italy. Her stories are the best!” by Dante, a gr. 7 student at Our Lady Of Providence who visits Charlotte Villa.

With monthly visits ahead, a Writing Contest in June (‘I Have a Story to Tell’ where students and students are able to write about what they have learned, discovered, or been exposed to through SKIP), and SKIP’s Second Brantford Burst 5K+ Colour Fun Run coming up on September 9th (Community and School Challenges are encouraged!), there is much to look forward to as SKIP continues to bridge the gap between young and old!

Last year’s SKIP’s Brantford Burst 5K Colour Fun Run at the Brantford’s Civic Centre.

Intergenerational Program Fundraising
Brantford BURST 2017
Intergen Program

Jordan on the left, at Charlotte Villa.

Intergen Program

Wilma at centre, at Riverview Terrace.

Intergen Program

Ava at bottom right, at Queensview Retirement Community.

Intergenerational Programing Brantford

Lauren at centre, at Telfer Place

Intergenerational Programing Brantford

Shannon Fleet, SKIP District Rep

Intergenerational Programing Brantford

Madison at centre, Shirley at far right, at Park Lane Terrace.


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