SKIPping Into The Summer

Student Ava interacting with a resident and fellow classmates at Queensview Retirement Community in Paris

It’s that time of year to reflect on this past year’s SKIP visits in Paris and Brantford.  SKIP (Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs) enlightened students and seniors in various schools and retirement facilities. Teachers and Program Coordinators planned numerous engaging curriculum-related activities in order to bridge the gap between the younger and the older.  Anticipation, enthusiasm, laughter and friendly chatter filled the meeting rooms each month. 

Mrs. Amanda Hunter, the grade 2 teacher at Central School Brantford, expressed that the SKIP experiences with the students and the residents at Charlotte Villa have been quite beneficial.  “It gave my students something to look forward to each month. They built many positive relationships, had lots of laughs, and shared many stories that made them really thing about how the times have changed.”

Janice Cooney, the grade 4/5 teacher at Cobblestone School in Paris agreed that the visits were just as beneficial for her class.  Her students were able to connect with senior citizens at Queensview Retirement Community in Paris.  “They have had opportunities to play games, do crafts and and talk with the residents of Queensview that they wouldn’t normally have had.  Students have been respectful and gentle with the residents and the value in being kind will benefit them in the future.  Students have learned about the past and what life was like 70 years ago when the residents were kids.  They have made friends with residents”, Janice explained.  Ava, the Student Ambassador for her class was amazed with every visit.  “The SKIP program benefits everyone because we learn every time we visit, and we really get to know one another.”

Mrs. Cooney shared visits with Mrs. Lindsay Brooks, a Special Education teacher at Cobblestone School.  “My students were excited to visit their ‘grandparents.’  If students are engaged and enthusiastic, only good things can come of it,” Lindsay stated.  

Mary Quigley, the Activity Manager at Queensview Retirement Community, was impressed with the interaction between her residents and the students from Cobblestone School.  “This year’s SKIP program was even better than years past,” Mary voiced.  “Our residents from Queensview are now asking when the SKIP kids are coming and double checking their calendars to confirm the dates.  I can clearly see that they love the interaction with the students and look forward to the variety of activities they bring to share!”  Mary was quite thankful for SKIP and the teachers for their kindness and continued support to make the visits a fun and interactive endeavor for all!  Happy Summer Everyone!

Shannon Fleet
Paris Central Teacher
SKIP Board Member

Students Intergenerational Activities

Central School at Charlotte Villa – Gr. 2 students dancing for the seniors

Students Intergenerational Activities

Christ The King at Riverview Terrace – Wilma entertains Gr. 7 students

Students Intergenerational Activities

Paris Central at Park Lane Terrace – Appreciation certificates given to Shirley, Caitlin, Kristen, Emma, Madison, Alicen, and Mr. Smith  (Gr. 4/5)

Students Intergenerational Activities

Cobblestone at Queensview Retirement Community – Gr. 4/5 students put on a tea party for the residents.

Students Intergenerational Activities

Northward at Telfer Place – Gr. 5/6 students sing for the seniors

Students Intergenerational Activities

Our Lady of Providence at Charlotte Villa – Gr. 7’s and residents socializing


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